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What is Actisound?

Actisound is the newest product from Guided Therapy Systems and Ardent Sound, an intense therapeutic ultrasound (ITU) device for pain relief and the repair of musculoskeletal injuries. This completely non-invasive treatment performs like a very fast and efficient, invisible scalpel deep below the surface of the skin. The treatment can be performed in the office setting, lasts less than 10 minutes and works without the complications or recovery time associated with minimally invasive procedures or traditional surgeries.

Actisound addresses many of the most common causes of severe long term pain an disability affecting millions of people around the world including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Epicondylitis
  • Achilles and Patella Tendon Injury
  • Other ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries*

*Clinical studies ongoing

Who are
the end users?

Actisound will be offered to licensed
physicians including:
• Orthopedic Surgeons
• Foot and Ankle Surgeons
• Podiatrists
• Sports Medicine Physicians
• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians
• Rheumatologists


What are Actisound’s benefits?

Actiound is the only truly patient centric approach offering short, non-invasive treatments resulting in accelerated pain relief and repair of pathology. Current non-invasive treatments include NSAIDS and other pain relievers, which don’t address the underlying injury; or physical therapy which can be time intensive, costly, and minimally effective.
More invasive treatments such as injection therapies and surgeries can be very painful and often require significant recovery time from the procedure in addition to the
underlying condition being treated. Further, the outcomes from these treatments often yield no better results than the aforementioned conservative therapies.

Additional benefits include:

  • Affordable and compact design for use in office
  • Simple and easy to use device
  • 10 minute treatment with minimal discomfort to patient
  • Only one or two treatments required

How does Intense Therapeutic
Ultrasound work?

Actisound’s Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound (UTI) from Guided Therapy Systems acts like an invisible scalpel—working beneath the surface of the skin—precisiely delivering small thermal ablations to tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissue to stimulate collagen growth and the regeneration of connective tissue. Unlike other energy sources such as laser, microwave and radio frequency, ultrasound is the only energy source that can penetrate safely through intervening tissue AND be focused to a specific point and shape within the body. This allows physicians the unique ability to deliver treatments directly at the point of injury—up to depths of 20mm—without ever opening the patient.

The small thermal ablations in turn, initiate the healing cascade within the body, restarting and enhancing the production of endogenous growth factors in connective tissue through three phases of activity:

  • 1.

    Inflammatory Phase:
    Disruptive cells release
    “growth factors”

  • 2.

    Proliferative Phase:
    Angiogenesis and
    fibroblasts migrate, deposit type III collagen

  • 3.

    Maturation & Remodeling Phase:
    Type III collagen converts to type I and elastin fibers,
    along with formation of collagen fiber cross linkage

The result is an increased rate of healing and pain relief, leading to a faster
and more complete return to activities.

Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence

In addition to a significant body of pre-clinical testing, Actisound has been used in three multi-center clinical studies for the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis and epicondylitis. More than 100 subjects have been treated in the course of these studies in addition to millions who have been treated using Guided Therapy’s System ITU technologies for other applications. In all three studies, more than 80% of subjects enjoyed a reduction in pain combined with increased function and mobility. Based on the clinical evidence, Actisound’s high efficacy, combined with its quick, easy-to-apply non-invasive treatments will provide an attractive new alternative to Physicians early in the conservative treatment path. Contact us for more information on Actisound’s body of clinical evidence.

Actisound is currently undergoing further testing to support CE Mark and FDA 510(k) clearance. This device is not yet available for sale.